The course aims to educate participants in how modern societies are responding to natural disasters – give an overview of those in a variety of regions, and focus on how disasters or risk of their occurrence can be dealt with using the Governance concept. Societies, different stockholders, including governments, will be studied in the context of how they react to, affected by, and live with natural disasters, and how they can manage the risks of these adverse events.

Developed by:

- Denis Alexeev (Russian State Hydrometeorological University)
- Anna Kanukhina (Russian State Hydrometeorological University)
- Nikolai Bobylev (Staint-Petersburg State University)
- Irina Krivulia (Pskov State University)
Irina Shilova (Belarusian-Russian University)

Piloted at Pskov State University (2013.04.04-2013.04.15) for the 4th year students (specialty "Bioecology")