The interdisciplinary course Governance of Ecosystem Services aims to introduce students into new instruments of nature conservation. The course on Governance of Ecosystem Services is based on three pillars:
1) Ecosystem Science, studying the various ecosystems, their components and elements;
2) Economics – using economic methods of assessment of Ecosystem Services; and
3) Political Science – applying the planning and management instruments in decision making process.

Emphasis will be placed on implementation of new concepts and instruments to the Ecosystems Governance. In addition, the course includes sessions with practical exercises on methods of assessment and demonstrating good and bad practices. The course will give a broader perspective of international context of Ecosystem Services and will inform students about real cases from Ukraine, Russia and the world.

Developed by:

Oleksandr Rudyk (Taurida National V.I. Vernadsky University, Ukraine)
Gregory Prokopov (Taurida National V.I. Vernadsky University, Ukraine)
Inna Rybalka (Kharkiv National Academy of Municipal Economy, Ukraine)
Oksana Lenevych (Institute of Carpathian Ecology, Ukraine)
Ivanna Storozhuk (Institute of Carpathian Ecology, Ukraine)
Elena Shestakova (Siberian Federal University, Russia)
Viktoria Platonova (Far Eastern Federal University, Russia)

Piloted at Pskov State University (2014.02.14 - 2014.02.22) for the 4th year students (specialty "Bioecology")